Jacqueline Sheperdson

I believe that you are who you are no matter what you try and tell yourself. Don't live your life threw a mask. look in the mirror and love all your flaws for they are what people probably love most about you, yet you're scared to explore because you allow this self hate to control you . Absolutely no one in this world will be truer to you then you. Don't expect much from others but expect everything from yourself for you control your future and your destiny... I believe I've lived many lives before and my soul comes back to learn and grow more, for only the perfect beings such as Angels stay in heaven with our maker guiding us. I believe that many people in this life I have known in a past life. Example- My mother was once my child. Example- My daughter was always my daughter in this life and in past lives. She follows me ;) I don't believe everything happens for a reason. Some things are purely accidents.