Jacquelin Richards

I was born in Brazil and raised in South Florida. I started filmmaking at the age of thirteen and have been doing it since then. I started off with a VHS recorder and liner editing. I’ve since then advanced to 16mm film and Red with nonlinear editing in Final Cut Pro. I went to Florida State University’s film school where I worked on over 50 student short films. From preproduction to production I was able to help in producing films or all genre. I since there have become a freelance filmmaker in the Chicago area and have been able to work on local independent films while writing my own films. I specialize in being a production assistant and assistant to producer. My goal is to be a producer so that I can producer and direct my scripts. In addition to filmmaking I enjoy music. I love going to see live music and really have a great time at music festivals. I also love to travel. My latest international adventures were in Thailand.