Jacquelyn Plagesse

Clinical Liaison Jacquelyn Plagesse brings 10 years of experience in sales and psychiatric counseling to her multifaceted position at Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals, Inc., in Richmond, Virginia. During her five-year tenure at the consumer health product and drug manufacturing giant, Jacquelyn Plagesse achieved top sales performances, doubling revenues during her first year and achieving quarterly sales figures well above targeted goals. Establishing value-based relationships with physicians, counselors, and hospital staff has allowed Jacquelyn Plagesse to create and maintain a successful client base. In addition, Ms. Plagesse provides clinical information about the drugs Suboxone and Subutex to medical professionals through lunchtime lectures and dinner roundtable discussions.

Jacquelyn Plagesse has a unique combination of clinical psychiatric knowledge and business acumen, which she has used to her advantage in the pharmaceutical sales industry. After obtaining her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Jacquelyn Plagesse served as an Office Manager and Salesperson for a kitchen masonry company. Ms. Plagesse became a Milieu Counselor for the children’s psychiatric unit of Yale-New Haven Hospital, serving acutely ill adolescent and pediatric patients. When Jacquelyn Plagesse joined Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals, Inc., she was able to utilize her dual experience in sales and clinical psychology to become a top seller for the company. Ms. Plagesse has since qualified for leadership and higher management training and serves as a mentor to emerging sales professionals in her department.

When she has time away from her job, Jacquelyn Plagesse prefers spending it with family and friends or walking her dog. An accomplished competitive swimmer who once trained for the Olympics, Ms. Plagesse continues to stay fit through swimming and other athletic pursuits.