Jacquelyn Rodriguez

South Jersey

Who am I:

I am a family oriented person. My family will always come first. I enjoy laughter sometimes in life you can't take things to serious. I like to learn new things. I try to lead by example by practicing things that I look for in others such as honesty and loyalty. I will work hard for what I want in life, and won't stop to I accomplish it. I am also a auntie of eight beautiful children that they love so much, as they say i am there role model and I will lead them to a good start in life now and always.

Teaching is what I love to do:

I love teaching others. Been working as a head teacher in a daycare center for over ten years. Seeing them learn more and more each day makes my day. I teach all ages from infants to kindergarten.

Things I enjoy doing !

Working and learning. Family vacation. Eating and trying different food. Shopping. Spending time with my niece's and nephew's. Playing sports. Planning event. Cleaning. Reading. Doing hair and make-up. Talk to others. Dancing.

  • Work
    • The learning experience
  • Education
    • Woodrow Wilson High School
    • Camden County College