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Blogger, Single Mom, and Entrepreneur in Arizona

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My name is Jackie, I am a single, Pro-Life Truth Seeker Freedom Fighter Work at Home Entrepreneur Blogger Mom who loves Internet, working on my business, blogging, a foodie, animal lover & activist, Aspiring Christian/Vegan, traveling, trying new things and expressing myself. I have been in Internet Marketing and Network Marketing for over 16+ years. I reside in AZ with my daughter.

Im a House Manager/Pet sitter/Trained Nursing Assistant/Blogger/Entrepreneur

*GOD*Family*Money*Career (in that order)

You can read more about me here as well: http://jackiesramblings.com/aboutme

JRB Enterprises was established in 2000. JRB consists of my initials of my real name and Enterprises consists other everything I do under the umbrella of that name financially and physically such a business, investments, brick and mortar, franchises, charitable foundations, blogs, virtual business, organizations, mergers, takeovers, etc…Jackie Rose (me) is the sole proprietorship of the entity JRB Enterprises.

My Blogs: http://www.JackiesRamblings.com

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