Jacquelyn Fornville

I am a Gemini, therefore saying Im out going is an understatment. I love life and most of all I love living it. Growing up in Greenville, NC was not easy for me, but I am a proud product of my environment.

Through all my struggles in life, I can say my family has always stood behind me and, in some way or another, supported me. "Friends may come a go but family is forever."They have not always been able to give me everything I need in life, but the taught me to make do of what i have. That lesson was the most important me as I grew older, because of that I will always be there for them. Without them I am nothing.

I say Im not going to do anything Im not good at. I've always been the person that wanted to stand out in the crowd. My mom always told me not to be afraid of expressing myself. When I realized how creative I can be with my writing, I was going to standout with my words.

"The opinions of others matter to the degree i need their acceptance." I never thought I would want to be a role model for anyone, I felt like it was to much a responsibility. "Finding myself" in college made me realize, I want people to adopt my outlook on life, I want someone to look at me at say "there is a lady that is not afraid to be herself, happy standing out. Look at her be successful at what makes her feel good." I want to model, I want to change society's preception of models, some of us have "beauty and brains."