Jacques Van Branteghem

Gent, Belgium Lisbon, Portugal

Born 26 february 1950.

Father of 4 great children: Cedric, Magali, Gaelle and Annaïk.

IT entrepreneur.

I like philosophy. I am not religious, but spiritual.

I admire Jesus, Socrates, the Dalai Lama, Richard Branson, Toyoda, Mandela, and other known and not so known wise open-minded people, that cherish learning and positive attitude in live. I like working and fighting for my goals, in respect for others and with passion and patience.

Some of my ideas

Do it, try it , fix it.

Work hard, play hard.

Everything thrives on passion and respect.

Manage expectations.

You take most sand in an open hand!

  • Education
    • Enough to understand that diplomas are not everything in life!!!