Jacques Pellarin


Jacques Pellarin


French composer, music producer and accordion player.

His music is broadcast on national radio in France and abroad, including National Public Radio (USA) and number of radio classic, jazz, world music around the world.

Mike Dias, music supervisor at Ultimate Ears says:

" For over 27 years, virtuoso accordionist Jacques Pellarin has brought the sounds of the French countryside to all corners of the globe. With international song placements, 7 albums and multiple world tours, he has shared his new french cinema -inspired accordion compositions with world-wide audiences. "

Bruce Lindsay All About Jazz
“French accordionist and composer Jacques Pellarin has the welcome ability to craft music which is technically challenging, yet immediately accessible and engaging. Pellarin is a superbly lyrical player, Pellarin's writing emphasizes catchy hooks, danceable rhythms and light, upbeat, melodies.” --


An Accordion planet at the crossroads of tradition and modernity whose works serve the Picture (Cinema, Pub,TV,Documentaries, Short Films ..)

www.jacquespellarin.fr http://soundcloud.com/jacques-pellarin

His first music video directed by Lucas Pellarin on one of his last
creation . "La messe est dite " - composer Jacques Pellarin

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