Jacques Stroud

Nurse in San Diego, California

Docfully is a healthcare service provider in the telemedicine industry and will provide on demand healthcare for elderly and disabled baby boomers. The market research firm IHS predicts that the telehealth industry will grow from 240 million today to 1.9 billion by the year 2018. We will collect basic, but crucial bio information and upload it to our website so that a health professional will have all the information (as well as a medical and family history record) to make a good decision on a non-urgent case. Also we will provide a medium where community support can be added to each persons healing process. We are incorporated, and as we follow our vision for sustained growth of the company we are also developing technology to change the way we diagnose patients in the future. At the same time we are looking for role players that will take this journey to affect lives. We will use capital collected for product development, marketing, and hiring of an incredible team.

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    • Docfully
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    • Chicago State University