Jacques Vapillon

What may well be the eye of a marine photographer, beyond the mastery of the art of photography ?

What is it that makes it sparkle, and holds it in perpetual motion ?

Through the eyepiece of its cameras, Jacques Vapillon has devoted nearly thirty years to his profession and passion for the sea, ocean racers and their crazy machines crossing the fluid space of our planet. Competitive sailing, technological prowess, human and breath of freedom are the salts founders that led the photographer to move to La Trinité sur mer in South Brittany in the early 80's.The photographer's eye is then exerted on Formula 40, it is on all sailing races. He enjoys capturing the legend boats and the first large multihulls. The adventure is just beginning for this insatiable racer sailing events around the globe. He goes shooting and works simultaneously with the preparation of racing boats. Constantly in alert and ready to follow the sailors in their achievements, he covers most of the sailing events around the world, often as official photographer. By 1988, he contributes with his images and countless stories to the growth of the department of sport agency DPPI with which he works closely. In 1993, while publications in international sailing media multiply, he opened his own photo gallery in La Trinité sur mer, where he exhibits, sells original prints and reproductions. He developed the business of its ultra-specialized library. If the boats and skippers goes faster and faster, shooting, processing and diffusion of images too. The profession is experiencing a revolution with the advent of digital photography. The new tools offer the great advantage of mobility. Work and sell his products at a distance becomes reality. Jacques Vapillon seizes this opportunity and decided to separate from his gallery in 2004 to develop a new itinerant tool, a sailboat. Course on the Mediterranean sea which he undertook a tour to enrich its library with new maritime images, travel and sail with his family. With thousands of miles and clichés in its wake, Jacques Vapillon became a maritime photographer of international renown, whose professionalism and talent are now employed by race organizers, creators of maritime events, sponsors and companies in nautical field.

He is now member of Sea&Co