Marcia Jacquette

Team Coach and Business Coach in West Chester, Pennsylvania

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I love challenges.

I've spent more than 20 years helping the people around me change their world. I've evolved through four careers, and in that time, I’ve worked in organizations as small as a startup and as large as a Fortune 50 pharmaceutical; I've advised college students and C-suite executives; I've served on the board of a 80,000-member non-profit, and I've been the Cookie Momster for a Girl Scout troop. I’ve built new jobs, new businesses, new processes and teams that impact everything from the quality of work-life to (my personal favorite) Awesomeness.

I’ve tackled a lot of challenges (big and small), and I want to coach others to do the same.

So where would you like to start?

  • Work
    • Mariposa Teams
  • Education
    • Kettering University
    • Coach U
    • St. Joseph's University