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Off Screen 365 - 1 Year TV Fast

Jacque Williams couldn't take it anymore. She had to make a drastic change in her life. So what did she do? Fasted tv for 1 year!! Instead of numbing away the issues of life by drowning herself in hours a day of tv, on December 1, 2013 she completely opened herself to what God wanted her to do. "I will do whaterver you want me to do. I don't care what I lose."

Off Screen 365 chronicles her one year journey and how God completely changed her life. Seemingly losing all, her marriage, house, career, and even country, she found that she had something greater to gain! Through tears, laughter, joy and pain, she followed God all the way from Phoenix, Arizona to Auckland, New Zealand, where she now studies as she prepares for the next journey!

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What's Next

Though the 1 Year TV Fast has ended, Jacque Williams continues on. She is working on a new site, www.jacquesjourney.com, that will tell her story of life after the fast. She continues to make videos and motivate readers through her articles. Starting February 2015, she will be attending Laidlaw College in their Bachelor of Ministry program with the emphasis of missions. Her passion for helping children and families is going strong. Her dream is to work with families and children in poor countries. The hungry, disabled, and orphaned are who she feels called to help. But she isn't closing the book on anything! She continues to allow God to move her where ever he leads! "Where ever you say go, I will go. Whatever you say do, I will do!"