Jacquie Riley

Melbourne based.

Health care is my main topic of interest. For me, the welfare and wellbeing of individuals come before the materialistic considerations. Health care for me is not curing, "patching things up", or dealing with symptoms. It is a curious and open exploration of the possible causes. I am interested in "chronic diseases", considering them manifestations of long term energy patterns that could be more finely tuned.

Looking at our environment for many clues, such as electromagnetic energy and pulses, frequencies in sound, colours, feeling and how we utilise these energies. The earth is my mother and main teacher and provides a place to rest.

Developing a passion for insights from people all over the world.

Concerned with the "heart of the matter" which I think is in the real centre! All decisions need to be made from the centre.

Let's make this world a better place for all of us! Let's work out how to do it together!