Jacqui Neale

Instructional Designer, Dancer, and Musician in Wales, United Kingdom

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I've worked at the University of South Wales since 2002, starting as an Instructional Designer and now as Senior Learning Technology Adviser. I've learnt so much about this role simply by doing it, that seems to be how I learn best, build my own confidence and better understand and anticipate problems. I like to get to know people on a human level and then I can understand where they are coming from and help them to make changes. Changing isn't easy but if you work at it and have helpful and supportive people around you, you can make it. I've been very fortunate to have met such people throughout my life and am thankful that this continues to be the case.

I have two gorgeous daughters who are mostly grown up now and having my family has always been the most important thing to me in encouraging me to succeed professionally. I have more time to myself now and so am able to spend time doing the things that make me happy. I've always danced, from childhood learning ballet, tap and modern, as a young adult I taught tap dancing to other adults. Over the last 10 years I have been dancing Argentine tango. Dancing in partnership instead of singly was another learning experience that has all sorts of connotations that can be translated into real life and learning tango gave me the opportunity to travel more indendently and remember what things help make me tick!

I'm learning Spanish, but it seems slowly now, and I need to regain my motivation. Originally I got so frustrated, but now I've accepted that my learning style has changed a lot - keep calm and remember there is no rush. Trying to learn anything whilst stressed is impossible!

I love practising yoga, pilates and meditate ocassionally - but not often enough! I like to be creative, I sew and love the fact that I can pick up dresses for tango from second hand shops really cheaply and then turn them into something more exciting and unique.

I've started singing again and have met some wonderful friends who are creative and share a musical passion.

I love meeting new people from all walks of life and through these experiences I have learnt more about myself, people, life generally and differing cultures. Fascinating how different yet similar we can be!

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