Jacqui O'Leary

Student in Amherst, Massachusetts

Recent University of Massachusetts Amherst graduate, people oriented, mediating experience, seeking job in social work.

Mission Statement:

I strive to create a positive and comfortable environment through empathy, support and communication. I wish to help provide people in need with a better quality of life in order to reach their fullest potential.


My experience with being a research assistant for a psychology course taught me a lot about time management, research skills and working with people. I got to experience data input and working with different data analyzing software. I also had the opportunity to interact with participants and administer surveys to them. Having hands on experience with research taught me potential ways to conduct research in the future and about the research process.

When I worked with children at the preschool I had the opportunity to help set up various activities in the classroom. I got to help children when they needed assistance. I learned about the teaching process and how problem solving is a big part of it. There were sometimes bumps on along the way and I assisted on helping the students stay on track. I learned about diversity and accommodating the needs of individual children.

When I was a peer mediator I got a lot of experience helping students resolve conflicts on a way that was beneficial to both parties. I learned a lot about creating an environment that was safe and welcoming for the students so that they would be willing to open up and feel comfortable doing so. Helping people work through their problems and create positive solutions taught me a lot about communication and interpersonal skills.

I had the opportunity to help create and Event for Take Back the night, which raises awareness for victims and survivors of domestic violence. I had the chance to interview a few different survivors and it gave me a lot of new perspectives and taught me empathy. It was an incredible experience that I believe is very important to continually raise awareness about.

Career Goal

I hope to obtain a career in social work that helps children and people achieve a better quality of life. I believe that everyone deserves to be in an environment that they thrive in and I wish to help provide that.


From my experience with being an education minor I have acquired a lot of problem solving skills. Working with children is an environment that constant