Jacqui Stewart

Jacqui Stewart

Jacqui is the blogger for Single Parent Retreat, which is a review and giveaway blog along with snippets of life as a single mom. She also offers resources for Child Protection Services by State as well as Divorce Laws by State.

Jacqui has also recently started a new business, Coast to Coast Media, where she offers services Blogging, Social Media, Freelance Writing and Community Management services. She will also start offering Webinars as well as classes throughout the Delaware area.

She is a Parent Panel Member with eBay. She has worked as a Chevy Philly Girl and has worked with Warner Bros. She is a contributing writer for Ask Mr Credit Card, Fit Approach, and 5 Minutes for Mom.

My Addictions:

- Chocolate! You could potentially lose a limb if you took it from me.
- My iPhone.
- Anything technology. I am a tech junkie!

However, first and foremost, I am a mom to a wonderful girl.