Jacquelyn West.

Jacquelyn West is a brand strategist and planner with an extensive production background.

Over the past several years, she has become adept at defining the voice of a brand and creating tailored marketing & activation strategies, especially within the contemporary arts & culture sphere. Her pragmatic thinking, in all aspects relating to the development & management of strategy, allows her to create impactful & consistent solutions aimed at modern audiences in both the online and offline worlds. Solutions that ultimately excite people, keep them engaged, and increase brand profile. Her experience leading teams of diverse personalities toward cohesive vision and aggressive sales and awareness goals have seen great success.

She is an inherent risk-taker and thrives on connecting dots and realizing new business opportunities. Her commitment to design and technology keep her on the edge of contemporary culture and ahead of the mass market.

She is currently the Agency Director at Hermann & Audrey. www.hermannaudrey.com

Find her at @jacqwest or jacquelynwest. com