Psychologist and Wholistic Lifestyle Mentor in Johannesburg, South Africa

Current Life Experience:

I am on sabbatical leave from my professional practice; actively rejuvenating my emotional resources and reconnecting to my spiritual dimensions.

Since 2006, I explore psychosexual self-development as a research psychologist; investigating the life-meaning individuals create through their masculinities and femininities and their sexual lifestyle knowledgeability.

Since 2011, I produce purpose-fit client mentoring programmes designed to ensure mind, spirit, and body integrity, focusing on conscientious eating, sleeping, and sexual practices. I am dedicated to contributing to the healthy and sustainable development of people’s hearts, minds, and desires.

Mentoring with mindfulness and myth-making practices and programmes, I endeavour to facilitate individuals' wishes for healthy and sustainable lifestyle development.

I professionally consult and dialogue on ecstatic exploration & personal development; sexual relationship dynamics & practices; personal ritual creation & practices; queer and kink lifestyles & practices; eating- and sleeping habits as they influence libido, sexual satisfaction, and erectile functioning; any personally meaningful experiences that give a client concerns regarding whole-person-health.

I aspire to more whole-person authenticity that furthers my understanding of personal-meaning-making, psychospiritual development, masculinities & femininities, sustainable sexuality & lifestyle practices, and intrapersonal & transpersonal potential.

Prospective Consultation & Mentoring Services:

Whole Person Development

Life Functions & Mental Wellness: Eating, Sleeping, and Sexual Health Habits

Narrative Self-Exploration & Expression

Psychosexual & Mental Health Mentorship

Person Centred Development & Holotropic Soulwork

  • Education
    • UNISA (University of South Africa)
    • UJ (University of Johannesburg)
    • Tswane University of Technology