Jaco Phillip Crous

Psychologist and Wholistic Lifestyle Mentor in Johannesburg, South Africa

Current Life Experience 2021:

I connect with with anyone in short-term personal consultation and case study programmes. Together we explore your whole-health empowerment through dialogue, functional breathing techniques, and meaningful interventions that foster whole-person identity and generative personhood.

2021 through 2022 I devote much of my life to my transformative process while I’m engaged with Advanced Breathwork Practitioner Certification. In training, I practice multifarious conscious breathing proficiencies, which is rejuvenating my emotional resilience and connecting my daily life experience to my Source. My authentic spirit is freed through my experiential learning with BreathworkAfrica.co.za

If you are interested in working with me in consultation or as a case study, in person or online using the Zoom platform, you are welcome to connect with me via WhatsApp: +27 (0)74 188 4338

My background:

Since 2006, and now as a research psychologist, I explore whole-person health and resilience, supporting self-development, and nurturing your agency in the stories of your life; together we explore and investigate the life-meaning you create from your life experience.

Between 2011 and 2016 I was in consultation practice with the main concern to nurture mind, spirit, and body integrity.

Today, our work together is focused on conscientious breathing, eating, sleeping, and sexual practices. I am dedicated to contributing to the healthy and sustainable development of your spirits, heart, mind, and desires.

I guide and support with purposeful connection, intentional conversation, conscious breathwork, and more, in an endeavour to safely, responsibly facilitate your wish for healthy, fulfilled living.

I continue to professionally consult, present, and dialogue about ecstatic exploration & personal development; interpersonal relationship dynamics & practices; life-health-ritual-creation & practices; healthy sexual lifestyle & practices.

Foundational breathing, eating and sleeping habits influence your quality-of-life, sexual satisfaction, and optimal functioning. Together, we explore these foundations from where you are at in your life story, working with your personally-meaningful experiences towards whole-person-health and -being.

I aspire to more whole-person authenticity for myself that furthers my understanding of personal-meaning-making, psychospiritual development & lifestyle practices, and intrapersonal & transpersonal potential.

  • Education
    • UNISA (University of South Africa)
    • UJ (University of Johannesburg)
    • Tswane University of Technology