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Jacy is a Health science technologist, her books are right for you if you’re a stressed out busy and over-scheduled; having problems with health choices, less time for family, disregard of family due to schedule and an Un-Balanced Life. If you wish to get Energized, Healthy, and Re-Ignite Your Passions, trust you can do it... In her carbohydrate research on how particular chemicals or genes transcribe in Arabidopsis plant, Jacy found her purpose in helping others to obtain health. More than just a diet, she discovered your outer world is a reflection of your inner world and devised methods to bypass the subconscious mind and help empower others through their Emotions, Mental Mindset, Spiritual Intentions as well as physically through such things as nutrition.
It is not only through what we take in she believes, but also how we feel inside, how we relate with one another and how we interact with our surroundings. Jacy’s book “The Illuminated Body book” and the coming “Care of the soul book” would really help you discover what sabotages your weight loss and health; astounding things occur when you start to align with your Soul, Mind and Body and associate to your higher purpose in the world.
There are ways to deal with modern stresses and get our bodies back to optimal health and weight. Learn the recipe for such with the “Illuminated Body Book.” Use my coming "Healthy lifestyle" a formula to embrace healthy routines, and bring hapiness to your life and the life of your loved ones. Discover that you’re never alone on this travel. The universe has a way of affirming you and giving you what you postulate. Individuals and chances will start to show up everyplace. Coincidences and miracles start to occur as you live from a state of flow connected to your unearthly energy source.
Jacy has studied and is degreed, certified and licensed or registered in the following, Medical Laboratory, Organic Chemistry, Immunolology, Laboratory Technology, nutrition, master herbalist, health practitioner, DNA transcription and others.

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