Jacy Chain

You are required to write an essay (2500/3000words), choose ONE of the questions below. Illustrate your arguments with examples.

“As the pressure mounts to give consumers exactly what they want, where they want it, when they want it, and at a competitive price, manufacturers are looking for ways to move from predominantly make-to-stock to predominantly make-to-order production systems.”

Bish, E.Ek, et al (2005) Managing Flexible Capacity in a Make-to-Order Environment Management Science Vol. 51, No. 2, pp. 167–180

Discuss and justify the operations management concepts and theories that can be applied to organise operations which implements an effective and efficient make-to-order/personalised service system in order to enhance the overall customer experience.


Using a workplace with which you are familiar, critically evaluate how operations management concepts and theories could be applied to improve service speed with little or no increase in the cost of operations.


This is an individual assignment in essay format.