Jada Brady

"Believe you can, and your're halfway there."

-Theodore Roosevelt

Before moving to North Carolina, Jada Brady lived in her home state of (New London) Connecticut. Upon arriving to high school in North Carolina, she was encouraged to decide what her major in college would be. Torn between wanting to be a nurse or a lawyer, she chose nursing. Ms. Brady began as a nursing major at North Carolina Central University in Fall of 2014, but after her first semester began to doubt her choice of major. Determined, she continued on, but it was clear the passion she once had had dissipated. After her second semester, she took a leap of faith and switch her major to Political Science Pre-Law. Many factors influenced the change of major, other than her no longer being happy, but it was the increase of violence toward the African-American community. It became very clear that people are still struggling to have human rights. Thus, making her new goal in life to graduate college, then attend law school, and pass the bar to become a civil-rights attorney and/or criminal prosecutor.