J. Adam Moore

Filmmaker, Writer, and Software Engineer in San Francisco, CA

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After a brief volunteer stint at Stanford's Space Systems Development Laboratory (Project Opal and Sapphire), was hired as a QA contract tester, to work on the latest Mac OS 8+ at Apple HQ on Apple's 20th anniversary, merely one month before turning 19. Grandson of the late stage and screen actor Don DeFore, he has ghostwritten for comedians, humorists, radio and television talk show hosts, and sitcom writers. Successfully operated a small crisis consulting charity and low-income digital electronic repair shop in downtown San Francisco for years before a pedestrian traffic accident and congenital medical issue forced early retirement. In 2007, less than a year after Jeff Han's famous multi-touch screen demo TED Talk, he built a multi-touch table from scratch and contributed to the open source code making it possible. Currently available for consultation.

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