Jada Smith

Student and intern in Atlanta, Georgia

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My name is Jada Smith. I am fourteen years old. I will be attending Booker T. Washington High school as a 9grader. One of my biggest goals is to finish high school with at least a 3.5 or higher grade point average. Another huge goal I have is to attend Spelman College and major in education. The career I chose for my future is to be a grade school teacher!

One of my biggest inspirations is my older sister. I look up to her, and she motivates me to accomplish my goals. She often pushes me to get the best grades in school and stay out of trouble so I can make it to college and be a teacher. Another person who motivates me is my 8th grade teacher, Ms. Troy. She inspired me to be a teacher because she was able to break down her work, make it more understandable, and she made the lessons I had never seen before look easy. I would like to teach like that one day!