Atlanta, Ga

A Native of LaGrange, GA, Jade Cloward graduated from Auburn University Montgomery with a major in Fine Art and a minor in marketing. Principal works include custom logos, brochures, Flash files, and websites. Recent years' explorations have incorporated both Graphic and Web Design creations. He is very versatile in the field of Graphic Communications or Multimedia. Seasoned, competitive, and a breadth of knowledge describe some of this Designer.

In early 1996, Cloward founded 'CLOWARD DESIGN.' Cloward creates 'Cutting-Edge' custom graphics for any size firm, from the developmental stage of the company logo to the website to the 3-D model. In 1999, for example, he created custom rug designs for Marriott. And in 2000, Aquent chose Cloward to be one of their many talented Graphic and Web Designers. He created multiple brochures, posters and websites.

A Graphic/Web Designer for over fifteen years, Cloward has designed many custom logos, over 100 websites, and developed curriculum for LaGrange High School and High-Tech Institute. Some affiliations include Adobe.com, Aquent, Actus Lend Lease, Senior Quest, and Monet Inc.

Throughout his career, Cloward has been active in Graphic and Web Design. In 1999, he started teaching Graphic and Web Design out of his home. Web Design came into play during 1999 as a Sr. Graphic Designer at LaGrange Daily News. He has developed static, interactive and e-commerce websites.

Cloward loves to create JQuery Galleries for websites. These are galleries on the homepage or portfolio page of a website. Cloward loves to be creative. This is why he chooses to stay on the front-end of web development. He has expanded his knowledge in Multimedia. For example, he knows more 3-D from teaching it for over four years. And he also knows more about Flash, a 2-D tool, from teaching it for over four years. He does know the graphic side of Flash and some .AS or actionscript for dynamic development.

He has worked in the Multimedia industry since 1996 until the present. He started his career in the newspaper industry, taught as a Design/Animation Instructor at High-Tech Institute and is currently a freelance Web Designer/GUI Developer.