Jade Harley

Artist and Writer in California

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Kins ;

Ava Ire (Ava's Demon)

Jade Harley (Homestuck)

Karkat (Homestuck)

Lapis Lazuli (Steven Universe)

Chara/Frisk (Undertale)


Kin info ;

Do not talk to me if you are ;



Agree w/ Animal Abuse

Game Hunting

Tell people to Kill themselves/try to get people to commit..


Bully/harass others

Are an Art Thief/Plagurise artwork


Kin w/

Jade Harley (sorry tbh i feel uncomfortable having the same kin as someone)

Magnolia (Ava's Demon)


Jade kin info ;

My otherkin jade partner/share is Zeurian

I wont add another person to share w/ sorru.


I honestly am Jade Harley , I can relate to her on emotional and personality wise levels like i can be serious at moments absolutely enthusiastic just like her.

She's honestly apart of me i wont let go.


Ava Ire

I share an emotional kin with her she represents alot of how i am and act towards situations. Etc.

I havent found a Ava kin yet so no one has asked to share w/ me.


Chara / Frisk kin

I use these two kins as one w/ separate personalities because in genocide Frisk is haunted by chara.

This kin represents how i have split personalities/ thoughts and honestly can be two different people.


Lapis Lazuli

She represents alot of me , i guess because i do love water based things etc , but then again how she just craves freedom.