Jade Andwele

Therapist and Artist in Atlanta, Georgia

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i'm an "artist, plural" which means I am well versed in visual arts, writing, and multiple mediums of performance. (or thats what the people say).


the first art is loving. love is the only intention I have and it is the base for every art form I engage in. I am very community centered and employ multi-dimensional art as a vehicle to give and serve others.

In 2016, I founded We Are Here To Love, a platform that encourages and inspires others to focus on loving themselves, others, and God. We Are Here To Love can be found on social media platforms including Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.

As a licensed mental health therapist and clinical registered art therapist, I promote holistic wellness and aim to rid mental health stigma in communities of color by providing non traditional healing methods. My research focuses on depression in college age African american women. Mental & Emotional Health are LOVE.


I'm a comissioned based artist who creates beautiful unique pieces for my customers. I have painted live at various functions such as school events, weddings, concerts, charity functions, and parties. In addition to creating on my own canvas, I am an arts workshop faciliator and visual arts instructor, and have worked with groups of people from age 5 to age 85.

Check out my website: www.jadeandweledesigns.com


Since 2008 I could be caught on stages performing around the country with my award winning theater company, The Saartjie Project, which came to a close in 2012.

In 2013, I co-founded Wild Women Theatre, a Washington DC based theater company. We emerged in the 2013 DC Fringe Festival, performing our original production, Four Women based on Nina Simone's classic song. I can also be found out and about featuring and sharing at various open mics and shows on the east coast.


i write all kinds of things. poems. plays. short stories. novels. love letters. i love words like air. i am always and forever a writer. i also have a few poems and stories published in various books and anthologies. I am currently working on a book of my personal writings centered around the experience of being human. I aim to publish the work in 2018.