Jade Barclay

Therapist, Writer, and Consultant in Australia

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I ♥ ideas that open hearts/minds/possibilities.
I ♥ comedy, music & flow. And extreme sports.

Integrative therapist, writer and data nerd currently doing medical PhD research into chronic pain and hypermobility. Hopefully I can help a few people's lives be easier and work with cool people, cool projects, and make a dent on some great social and systemic changes along the way.

I also consult with clinicians, writers and filmmakers on trauma-informed growth and character development.


* Beyond Pain & Performance
* Inclusion & Diversity on Campus
* The Language of Pain

* Managing Hypermobility
* Trauma-Informed Practice with Chronic Pain & Illness
* Trauma-Informed Entrepreneurship
* Healthy Science Communication
* Neuroscience of Mental Health

* Inner Habits & Decision Making
*Trauma & Transformation


"Jade is a verbal assassin." -- Damien E, YouTube Australia

"You have single-handedly made brainfarts endearing." -- Anthony B, AMB Wellness

"I consider Jade to be my 'secret weapon'." -- Rich H, Apple

"Jade has a secret identity. She's a speaker manager and business development guru disguised as a ghostwriter/therapist. She'll write AND grow your business." -- Clay Collins, Avenue81

"Jade is a visionary whose genius lies in distilling complex concepts into simple diagrams." -- Natalie P, Director, Breathe Films

“You’re like fertiliser for someone’s soul. A beautiful conduit showing them what’s already there and what’s possible. Your view on the world is inspiring! It challenges the way I think!" -- Michelle H, Psychologist

"Mum, if the stuff you say at work is half as good as the stuff you say to me, you will inspire millions." -- my teenage son


- Nominated Forbes Magazine 'Names You Need to Know'

- Young Entrepreneur of the Year, 'Work from Home' Magazine

- Top 2% Researcher on Academia.edu

- World Vision, Co-Op and Ambassador Scholar

- 4x Bestselling Ghostwriter

- Mental Health First Aid Instructor

- MBA, MPH, MCounsPsych, PhD Candidate

- Guest Lecturer, Mentor, Publishing, Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

- Member of the Australian Medical Writers Association, Australian Science Communicators, Compassionate Mind Foundation, Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Association, Australian Natural Therapists Association, Australasian Integrative Medicine Association,

- Finalist at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas

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