Jade Barclay

Therapist, Teacher, and Consultant in Australia

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I ♥ ideas that open hearts/minds/possibilities.
I ♥ comedy, kids & flow. And extreme sports.

My mission this year is to bring more awareness to things that make a real difference. So in addition to helping my peers get more of their work into the public eye, I'm taking every opportunity to connect trauma and dissociation professionals with systemic constellations, and vice versa.

Founder of the Inner MBA, I host the world's first online group meditation for mindful entrepreneurs and an interactive video podcast where we decode the patterns of trauma and transformation. I also consult with clinicians, writers and filmmakers on trauma-informed growth and character development.


* Momentum Masterclass

* Systemic Wellness
* The Language of Pain
* Managing Hypermobility
* Trauma-Informed Practice with Chronic Pain & Illness
* Trauma-Informed Entrepreneurship
* Neuroscience of Mental Health

* Inner Habits & Decision Making
*Trauma & Transformation


"Jade is a verbal assassin." -- Damien E, YouTube Australia

"You have single-handedly made brainfarts endearing." -- Anthony B, AMB Wellness

"I consider Jade to be my 'secret weapon'." -- Rich H, Apple

"Jade has a secret identity. She's a speaker manager and business development guru disguised as a ghostwriter/therapist. She'll write AND grow your business." -- Clay Collins, Avenue81

"Jade is a visionary whose genius lies in distilling complex concepts into simple diagrams." -- Natalie P, Director, Breathe Films

“You’re like fertiliser for someone’s soul. A beautiful conduit showing them what’s already there and what’s possible. Your view on the world is inspiring! It challenges the way I think!" -- Michelle H, Psychologist

"Mum, if the stuff you say at work is half as good as the stuff you say to me, you will inspire millions." -- my teenage son


- Nominated Forbes Magazine 'Names You Need to Know'

- Young Entrepreneur of the Year, 'Work from Home' Magazine

- Top 2% Researcher on Academia.edu

- World Vision, Co-Op and Ambassador Scholar

- 4x Bestselling Ghostwriter

- MBA, MPH, MCAP, CSP, PhD Medicine Candidate

- Guest Lecturer, Mentor, Publishing, Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

- Committee member for Trauma & Dissociation (ISSTD) and Systemic Constellations (NASCC)

- Finalist at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas