Jade kedrick

Pretty Simple Health brings you all the most prominent and pertinent health information so you can discover your own path to personal health. There’s not going to be ONE right way of wellness that applies to everyone. Every individual has a different lifestyle, environment, and genetic make-up, so its impossible for everyone to have the same health needs. A polar bear doesn’t need what a giraffe needs, right? Pretty Simple Health explores all avenues of wellness, so, armed with a better understanding of healthy lifestyle practices, we can decide what is best for us as individuals.

I’m here to help you realize your true potential, as an exuberant and healthy being.

Here are a few of my favorite lifestyle tips as a starting point on your journey to personal radiance.


A bit more about Jade:

I’m a Santa Monica native who now lives in Brooklyn. I have an interesting relationship with food, almost amorous: I think about often, write about it profusely, and define myself by the foods which I choose to put into my body. I’ve been a vegetarian for 5 years and a vegan for one year. I don’t eat dairy, gluten, meat, or un-fermented soy. I stretch every day, I keep essential oils around to smell if I’m feeling tense, and dance is my workout of choice. I have had my fair struggles with food, oscillating between the anorexic mind and the binge eater explosion of hunger, but I’ve learned to be conscious of it and am constantly seeking balance. I’ve been through just about every “diet” and am, day to day, finding out what really works for me.

I’m a full time employee at a nutrition school, receiving my Health Coach certification in October, avid blogger, Zumba novice and part time model and actress. I’ve always found questions to be more important than answers, so ask away! You can reach me at jade@prettysimplehealth.com


Do you know there are things about your health that you need to change?

So did I, here’s a bit of my story:

Her fire-engine red lipsticked lips smeared into a wide grin across her face as she turned to the bag seat and said, “Just one salty and one sweet”. My sister and I smiled gleefully as we ran into the gas station holding onto my mothers hands. Moments later we were back in the car on our way home, and seven year old me sat in the bag seat, fingers and lips yellowed with cheetos, a twix waiting in my lap.