Jaden Garza

Entrepreneur in San Antonio, TX

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Jaden Garza, founder of Nomad Internet, created the company in June 2017. The goal was to make sure travelers could connect to Wi-Fi. In RV parks and other travel locations, the Wi-Fi is not poor. That takes away a lot of opportunities for people who want to travel fulltime and also work online. Setting out to change that became the focus of both Jaden and Jessica Garza. The first services were installed in an RV park in Johnson City, TX.

The very next month, July 2017, another park in Seguin, TX received service from Nomad Internet. The park had a community of 50 fulltime RVers, and was having trouble maintaining internet speeds and even staying connected to service. For that park, Garza and his internet company used LTE technology. Once that was installed, the RV community was able to enjoy another 40MBPS or bandwidth. As LTE was still pretty new at the time, that was a huge win for Garza and his company.

Garza's biggest break came the very next year, in 2018, when the Girl Scouts of America at San Jacinto reached out to find a solution that would work for their park. Not only did Nomad Internet find a quality solution, but they were able to provide LTE coverage for a fraction of the costs quoted by other companies. Then in 2020, Nomad Internet took on a focus that was more direct-to-consumer, as opposed to business-to-business.

Routers and cellular service was offered to communities that needed rural internet service. Many rural communities don't have fiber lines, and they can lack reliable internet sources based on their geographical location. With a service option that worked similarly to their cell phones, rural community members could enjoy quality internet for the first time. Jaden Garza started hiring full-time staff members for the first time in 2020, too. Since then, the company has only continued to grow.

Nomad Internet was highlighted in CNET in April 2022. Being included in such a prestigious online review platform was a great experience for Garza, and the review praised the services provided by Nomad Internet. With so many digital nomads exploring the world and living in rural areas today, Garza's company is more important than ever. It brings quality internet options to people who would never have had the option before, and allows people all over the country to live where they want while staying connected.