Jade Nicole Palmer

Raleigh, NC

I love to exercise, dance, sing, act, model and write. But the one thing I do 24/7 is strive to live for Jesus Christ.

My love of fitness started with dance. Beginning in high school I trained in ballet, jazz, modern, Latin and ballroom. In college I danced and choreographed for university hip hop teams, including a break-fusion team (breakdance). But my perspective completely changed when I became a disciple my sophomore year in college.

When I studied the Bible, I realized that I got all of my security from dance and used it in manipulative ways. So I took a break in order to focus on God. It was very hard, but I have since been learning how to be a Christian performer, in a pure way.

Once I stopped dancing 15 hours a week, I realized I had to incorporate a different type of exercise into my life. A friend showed me how to really work out at the gym, and I was hooked. I got a job at the campus gym and soon started teaching cardio dance classes.

As a Christian dancer I have wrestled with vanity and other issues, including body image. Confidence is very important to me, and I have seen so many Christians disregard health and confidence, who consider fitness and beauty to be vain. I think that couldn't be farther from the truth. I try to appreciate and take care of everything God has given to me, and firmly believe He wants us to glorify Him in body and in spirit, as commanded in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20. If our bodies are temples, shouldn't they be treated as such in every way? Would you treat a mansion the same way you treat the shed in your back yard? I think not.

I enjoyed working and practically living at the gym in college so much as I learned from all of the people around me. Even more, I loved encouraging them. It didn't take long before wheels started turning, and Word UP Fitness was born!

Word UP combines my passions with my Communciations Studies degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Two years of planning gone, graduation past, and now I am super excited to launch a blog that will inspire others to glorify God in body and spirit.

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    • The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill