jaden minott

illustrator, Artist, and Filmmaker in London, United Kingdom

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I am extremely creative, I’m always thinking of new things to draw such as random characters, superheroes/villains, backgrounds and more. Although amateur I am a fast learner when it comes to designing new art work. I hope to become a movie director or comic book drawer with marvel.

I was first inspired to do movies on a past course I did which got me to develop my first short movie and was told I have a talent and unique vision. From then I got a taste for making movies and wanted more I hope to somewhat follow in the footsteps of Steven Spielberg since he not only creates box office hits but also develops some games but I would like to develop movies and comics with marvel until I’m ready to try games.

My short term goals are to get employed by a movie company and work on one of their sets whether that be camera man, editor or even set designer.

Another one is to get some of my art work noticed by Marvel and get some constructive criticism from them or even be invited to discuss if they can offer me anything.

  • Education
    • brampton manor
    • Newham College of Further Education