James W

I've been drawing since childhood. At age eleven I began numismatic and philatelic-themed designs. At twelve I started calligraphy and began 3D model design and construction. At thirteen I began digital art, photo manipulation and photography. In the past few years I have expanded further into graphic design (signs, logos, posters, postcards, album art), graffiti and fonts, book art, automotive art and other abstract and traditional art forms in both physical and digital formats. I have experience with many types of physical tools and materials from exotic papers to specialized pens, fabric, metal, leather, and numerous software tools such as GIMP, Corel Draw and Photoscape. A creative Jack-of-all-trades is what I aspire to be.

JA Design is my way to provide my creativity to the community. Founded in 2013, it offers an array of services to match the growing need for custom designed products.