Jade Smalls


I was born with the name Febiola, on February 12th 1999. No need to mention my mom because she doesn't love me at all, but I have a superdad<3 He gave me my Chinese name 苏玉令, and with that name, I can get my Korean name 소옥령 (I love Korea's YG ENTERTAINMENT). I get my name "Jade Katara Smalls" because of my Chinese and Korean name. They both have the same meanings. 소 means Small/little (소 is a surname, like 苏.), 옥/玉 means Jade (Stone), and 령/令 means something like a commander. I chose Katara for my name because Katara means blessed (I'm Christian.)

I am a Senior High School student, grade 11, science majority. I love music, especially Hip Hop. idk why, but whenever I am sad or happy or feel something, Hip Hop is always there for me(?). Hip Hop beat is really... lovable. I do rap, and oh no no, I can't sing. I mean, of course everyone can sing, but my voice isn't that good. I used to be a member of my school's choir, but now I am not. I left that choir because the choir's leaders was being a jerk (many of my friends left too, because of her.) now, I am a member of my school's music group called Domini Symphony Ensemble (we called it Dosyble) (well, I called it dosibel.) I played violin there. I can play piano, guitar, and violin. (still learning those 3 instruments though). Okay, just pretend that I had mentioned one of my hobby (music). I have another hobby, that is reading and writing. I love reading novels (Sci-fi, young adult, romance, and princess thingy, etc), and I love writing poems or quotes or lyrics.

My favorite-
Number: 21
Food: I like ALL foods (except if it taste bitter)
Drink: ANYTHING- but my favorite one is green tea.
Music genre: I've mentioned it before, Hip Hop.
Novel genre: Young adults
Movie genre: Sci-fi
Musician: Akdong Musician
Artist: Lee Hi
Idol: 2NE1
Guitarist: Lee Chan hyuk (my bae)
Pianist: him.......
Violinist: him....
Guy: Crap, it's still him!
Place: bedroom (everyplace where I can be alone)

One of my biggest dream is to be a YG Trainee, at South Korea. (I still have alternative dream though, in case being trainee isn't what Jesus has planned for me.)

crap! I exceeded 2500 characters max.

P.S. I use "beatus et fortis" as my headline because it means "blessed and strong". I am strong! kkkk.

another P.S. I'm in love with someone who doesn't deserve my love. and I can't remember to for

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