jade ⭐️

Student in New York

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hey im jade!! i'm 13 and i live in new york. if youre reading this you must want to follow my instagram! heres some stuff you should know beforehand

☘ my name is jill but i love being called jade so you can call me either one!!

☔️ my main kins are jade harley, tohru honda, chihiro fujisaki, maka albarn and chihiro ogino. i also have other less important kins and if you want to know them you can ask! i'm okay if you know someone who kins with any of them but please dont follow if u kin with any of them yourself!!

(this doesnt apply if youre already following me and we share a kin)

✨ please tag any irl gore or trauma, especially having to do with nails, eyes, or mouths. in addition please tag mentions of what you think happens after death it kinda freaks me out to think about it!

🌸 i LOVE being tagged in stuff it makes me so so so happy ....

⛈ my qpps are sans, candy, kenma, mabel, and frisk!!! they mean so so much to me and make me so happy. theyre my best friends and im so happy to have them in my life! theyre all amazing friends and people in general and i love them so much, so please dont follow if u have a problem w/ any of them cause i WILL post pda for them! ask me if you need me to tag it!

💖 before you follow please dm me your age to be accepted if you can! thank you!!