Jade the Obscure

Journalist in Cambridge, United Kingdom

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I'm Jade, an expert on collective nouns, bookworm, blogger, writer and Jedi Knight.

Want to know more? I'm also a paranormal research aficionado and taxidermy enthusiast. Now that's everything – there are no more 'figurative' skeletons in my closet.

In 2013 I started reviewing books on my website Jadetheobscure with a review of Thomas Hardy’s Jude the Obscure [do you see what I did there?]; since then I have reviewed every book I’ve taken the time to read.

The whole review process from starting a book, to finishing a review is like journey through some of my favourite things – I love to read and I love to write, so it’s very therapeutic. I also love quotes and really enjoy taking the time to find a quote which sums up exactly how I feel about a book, for me this is almost as important as the review itself.

So if you're looking for a reviewer, look no further!

Stop by and say hi, and if you like what you see, or even if you don't, why not leave a comment and let me know? Feedback helps us grow.

You can find me on Twitter and Facebook :)

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