Yu Zhang

English-Chinese Translator, Copywriter, and Mandarin Teacher in China

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Yu is a professional English-Chinese translator, copywriter, publisher and Mandarin teacher who shares her skills with cutting edge clients around the world, and still finds time to publish her Digital Media Blog.

Yu worked for 7 years full time as an English to Chinese translator for a Chinese company who imported machinery from Europe into the Chinese market, before start her own Journey.

She has lived all across China and has an in-depth perspective of its many cultures. She has also lived in South Africa, and travels extensively in Europe and Asia.

Benefits from working with Yu:

1. Benefit from her strong understanding of both Chinese and Anglophone cultures.

2. As a top-level translator with extensive experience, she interprets and conveys your message through translation, matching tones and nuances, with a comprehension of how it plays out locally.

3. When a job is complex ,or a high-priority project, she is willing to go the extra mile to deliver and is flexible in the process.

Contact her: yuzhangw@outlook.com

  • Education
    • Renmin University of China