Jeffrey Adik

Day, night and borrowed time sees me working to accelerate commercialization of next-generation transportation. Studies indicate an optimal opportunity must be built atop a progressive, common-platform technology foundation.

The Lynchpin isengaging strategically critical, cross-industry and government-agency-partnerships to serve as catalyst for faster-paced R&D, productization and market delivery of a safer, less-expensive, personal, automated chauffeur.

In the U.S. alone, automated-drivers will gradually eliminate more than 2 million motor vehicle injury-accidents and more than 30,000 fatal-accidents per year. The value we will each receive, however, is likely much greater in its direct significance. Our new personal driver, will gladly accept responsibility for managing our navigation needs. In so doing, they will liberate us from the annual 500 hour commitment (approx) that most U.S. adults currently spend driving each year.