JadineA Dunn

My name is Jadine. I am from Brooklyn, born and raised. I am Puerto Rican, Jamacian, and Spainur. Im a happy person most of the time / all the time (sort of). I love to go outside and meet new people and do fun things. I am in Highschool. My birthday is January 5th. My sign is a Capricorn, all day, everyday!!! :D I try very hard to be a nice person, and to get everyone to like me as much as possible. My favorite color is Purple and m second favorite is Pink. My favorite number is 7 my second is 5. My favorite quote is......

That which does not kill me
Can only make me stronger,
And I don't see why everybody
Feel as though that they gotta
Tell me how to live my life.
Let me live baby, let me live.
- Tupac

Alright thats the basics so yeah :D <3