Juan Diaz

Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States

My first acting job was on the Miami Vice series in ’88 title “Baseball of Death”.

Although it was only an “extra” part, the guest star Tony Plato approached me and said I had a natural acting talent ( The actor they first had kept messing up his mark and lines), I had a non-speaking role, and after a few retakes Don Johnson got upset and said to me “Hey you, do you think you can do his part and do it right?" I said “without a doubt". I nailed it, on the first shot. That’s when Mr. Plato approached me. He gave me his contact numbers and told me to call him, “Miami Vice is on its last leg, and I’ll fly you to Cali we need Hispanic actors”. I just wish my then newly wife wasn’t present, she said “Pete marriage or actor.” I chose marriage, talk about young and stupid.I’m back! Its been over 20 years, but I’m back.

PROJECTS I created


A cook & talk show called The Healthy Living Show.


What is it about? No its not about the emerald-green beetle or the sex pill that acts as an aphrodisiac, increasing sexual desire, but your close. It’s about a beautiful Spanish woman with a powerful and gentle singing voice . She sings in Spanish and in English. All who hears her sing can't help to listen to every word or rush to the dance floor, but it all comes with a brutal and deadly price. From the very beginning those with greed and jealousy comes out of the woodwork creating her dream into a nightmare...

Spanish Fly...a love story with a price.

This is a sitcom with a mixture of comedy and drama. Its about a Hispanic family who lives an average middle class "2012" American family life. The parents runs the household the same as their parents did (70s era). No electronic games, no cell phones, no missing diner and every Saturday night was family night (Movie, Boardgames, Story telling).

Through out the series the whole family goes through a transition. The viewers will see no matter of the race , ethnicity belief or even being a single parent, we're all the same...an American family.

The family is comprised of a Mother and father, who had their first child at the ages of 16 and 18. Two daughters ages 8 and 16, Three sons ages 14, 17 and a 21 year old who is away serving his country with the US. Army.

Spanglish... a language we all understand.

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