Jaebum Lee

Hi. Nice to meet you :)

I am currently Seoul Science High School, often abbreviated as SSHS, student in Korea. I am deeply interested in physics (especially on electormagnetism) and computer science a lot. I am planning to study abroad soon.

I am running two blog sites, one is about variety of stuff such as mathematics, astronomy and science. The another blog mainly discuss about computer programming, C and C++ language as well as various topics related to computer.

I also greatly interseted on search engines, particularly on math - related search engines. I am researching on C++ based search engine, which used to search specific math formula that user types. This search engine is able to look up from more than one million formulas within few seconds.

In order to contact me, you are recommended to send me an email, but somtimes leaving a comment on my blog "http://itguru.tistory.com" would be also convenient.