Mikael Jaeger Jensen

Visual Director and Storyteller in London, United Kingdom

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Art Director. Storyteller. Imagination.

A committed, creative and artistic individual with proven track record working with a wide range of creative and technical roles - from Hollywood Vfx heavy blockbusters such as Avatar and Gravity among others, to the worlds first holographic feature length production.

His latest project as an Art Director is Symphony for a Lost Generation the worlds first feature-length fully holographic production, an 80-minute fusion of symphony orchestra, choir, dance, archival footage and 3D landscapes, all appearing to be live.

It is an emotional documentary of the past’s continuing resonance in our present using technology to enable the audience to experience a emotional and immersive drama.

He is currently exploring VR storytelling and the power of old and modern myths.

He is currently developing a language for creating and telling engaging and heartfelt stories with-in a VR space and working on a personal projects involves using motion captured puppets, Unreal Engine. Traditional Nordic folk tales and music.

Mikael Jaeger Jensen was born in Copenhagen, Denmark and is now living and working in London, UK

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