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Artist in Sydney, Australia

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hi im gabby and im 15 and bi

i love to draw & i love cats alot

i dont kin, but heres a list of my absolute fav characters (im literal garbage leave me be)

-phoenix wright, ace attorney

-takumi, fire emblem fates

-link, legend of zelda

-LUCARIO(!!!!), pokemon

-maki nishikino & rin hoshizora, love live

-mari ohara & you watanabe, love live sunshine

-haise sasaki/kaneki ken, tokyo ghoul

i love making friends so dont be shy to say hi!!!! i will most definitely reply & be up for a conversation

follow me on insta, tumblr or twitter (i rarely use it tho) & add me on sc (tell me who u r first tho) if u want, yknow

have a nice day and ilu!! 💖