Jael Valle

Student in Cataluña, España

Listen to my music

I’m Jael and I’m 15 years old. I have a youngest sister, Jana. We live with our parents, called Daniel and Miriam. We have a dog, called Coco, and it is two years old, it’s a French Bulldog. My father’s family says that I look like my father, but my mother’s family (and me) says that I’m look like my mother.

Returning to talk about me, I have a lot of hobbies. I like listening to music, I love drawing, but I need to be inspired to draw, it’s a bit strange. I like reading books, but I can’t buy all the ones I want because I don’t have too much money. I don’t do any activity out of school because I don’t have time, but I would like to play football and I would like to study more English in an academy.

I would like to know more languages. I’m thinking of learning Italian because I have family in Italy and I love it. This summer we went to Italy and learnt a bit the language. Last year I learnt German in the school. It’s complicated but I like it!

In the future, I would like study in at university to be an informatics engineer, because I like working with electronic devices, computers for example. I think that electronics is the future.