Jaemi Lamela

I'm Jaemi (not my real name). Existing for 17 years since January 04, 1995. Currently a sophomore student of John B Lacson Colleges Foundation - Inc. taking up BS HRM Major in Cruise Ship Services. The reason why I don't use my real name on social networking sites is because I fear that people might copy it. I don't want to sound boastful, but I believe that my name is unique and no one in this world has the same name as mine.

I'm nothing but ordinary, but with God, I believe I'm EXTRAORDINARY. When I feel lost and alone, I never forget that God is there to be my everything.

Crazy? I can be that person sometimes. But most of the times, I'd rather smile. I can be moody but it won't last long. I'm the kind of person who learned to smile because of all the heart aches and pain I've experience. Smile is just a cheap medicine anyway. :)

KPOP! That's what they call me. I don't know why but there's something in that kind of genre that makes me interested. I know some people can't understand my desires because I'm different. This is me and there's no way you can change me. I know someday I'll grow up. But for now, I thank my friends who have stayed by my side though I'm kinda different.

Goals? Dreams? Of course I have those. One reason why I took up HRM is because I wanted to travel. That's really my main reason. Then I came to realize that it's just not about travelling and the money, (even though it really is..) it's also about learning new things and meeting other people. My biggest dream when I was a kid was to become a dancer since I love to dance. A part of my dream is going to Korea. I might sound crazy, but I would love to meet the people I idolize. And last, of course my family. I want to give them a beautiful life as what I have promised them.

I know I can't make all of my dreams possible but I trust in God. I know He knows what's best for me. I may be a rebel sometimes but I know God will forgive me repeatedly. I'm not saying I'm abusing it. What I mean is, not all the time I can be good and not all the time I can be bad. I thank God for always accepting me though sometimes I feel unworthy of it.

I'm hoping that you'd get to know me more. I'd love to chat and have new friends though half way around the world. This is me "Jaemi" saying.. LET'S BE FRIENDS. KAMSA! *BOWS* ^_^