Jaenne Meiers-Bonner

Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis (with a sprinkling of a degenerative disc and sciatica) drive me to find some form of entertainment to avert focus from the agonizing pain, so I have forced myself onto the art world. Be afraid. Be very afraid. The sheer volume of my creative madness is a testament to the number of sleepless nights I spend hunched over my tablet PC drawing and designing. Here's a hint: Bad pain causes me to design in Greens, Blues, and Purples. Good days bring out the Reds. I like the red days. I am a devotee of Lewis Carroll's work, and I strangely found myself fascinated with the Cheshire Cat. I recognized the madness and appreciated the honesty of it. I have also been drawn to Carnevale Masks and Black Cats. My new mother has told me I am an intuitive Dane, right down to the unique blue of my eyes and my appreciation for mermaids. I am left-handed, from a family full of left-handed Capricorns. This means you can barely read my writing and I write and talk in a shorthand that drives everyone crazy. I get in trouble a lot because I tell the blunt truth as I am bad at keeping track of my lies. Jaenne