J. Jae Ross

I joined DFW Writers' Workshop a year ago and have finally finished a novel. ~Layers of Secrets: Charm's Story~ is about a 13 year old child without the benefit of even one positive role model. She is a naive, small-town girl struggling to adapt to the adult role she suddenly needs to fill. A devastating event illuminates her most dedicated supporters, who can guide her along the path as she blossoms into a young woman. As of 9/8/12 a NEW YORK EDITOR at Random House (!!!!) has asked to see it. It, as in the whole thing, not just 50 pages. Oh, by the way...Charm is pregnant. Hope to have a book out in 2013. And I know, I know - a request for a manuscript does not mean it'll be accepted for publication, but.....what if? WHAT IF?! Thanks for stopping by, Jae