jae van

Jae Van is an EDM Event and Night Club DJ of epic proportions and no stranger to electronic dance culture. This California native recently moved to Portland, Or after living in Arizona off and on since 1993 where he first started performing and contributed to underground raves, after hours and dance events. He was captured by the beats and the atmosphere, and began seeking out new music and new venues to perform at. He learned the dance scene by living the dance scene, and working in record stores and the music industry. He’s rocks the decks nationally and internationally. His mixes are amongst the best in the world and his energy is often unmatched. A major force on the turntables, on EDM circuit and in the nightclubs, Jae Van lays down nothing but pure heat on the mix and the dance floor. No matter the genre of music, be it Trance, Breaks, Electro, DnB or Hardgroove Jae Van's unique blend of skills and super tight quick mixes are exactly what is needed to take any event to the next level. An amazing DJ with the ability to transform tracks from various genres and eras into full blown dance floor bliss. Jae Van naturally and fluidly mixes cutting edge, experimental, remixes and unreleased tracks live to create a unique experience that moves each and every last person that hears him mix or steps onto the dance floor. There is a unique energy and flow to Jae Van's aggressive mix style that elevates every event he performs at to another dimension.

For more information go to Mixes: http://ww.soundcloud.com/jae-van http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUdz4eL2mrI Contact: http://www.facebook.com/djjaevan http://www.djjaevan@yahoo.com

DarkSide Productions Las Vegas, NV/AZ USA 2011