Jaffa-Saah Goncalves

Student in Troy, Michigan

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Let me begin by introducing Myself My name is Jaffa-Saah Tarawali Goncalves, I am of African descent as my mom is from Liberia and my dad is from Cape Verde. I am part of the first generation of both sides of my family to be born in the us. Currently I am a senior in high school applying to college and getting ready to graduate. To elaborate more on myself during my four years of high school I have played football, participated in fundraisers for diseases such as mast cell and cancer, as well as expanded my perspective of the world meeting people of numerous backgrounds and ethnicities.

As I continue to experience life my lists of hobbies and interests continue to grow as I expand my horizon and gain a sense of identity. My interests include video games, football, spending time with family and drawing on both paper and in CAD. Academically my interests are Math, Science, and other stem related subjects. Some of my many interests are aviation, urban planning, and Engineering. My interest in aviation has been engrained in me from the womb and has continued to live on considering that my childhood home was next to O’Hare airport and I got to see the many different airplanes as they passed my house. This Deep love of airplanes has inspired me to pursue a career aviation from a very young age.

My love for engineering originates from my father who is indeed an engineer himself. My father was my role model and despite his anger of me “wasting his paper” when I use to use them to draw my model airports for my toy planes he appreciated that I had a passion from a very young age. As a result, my father took it upon himself to give me the right resources and push me academically to be where I am today and to be able to have a career that I loved.

In conclusion I am a passionate, airplane loving, bundle of interests ready to take on the world.