Hannah Driscoll

JAFRA is a skin care company for Men - Tweens - Children - Infants and Women since 1956. Amazing all natural, allergy, skin and irritant tested products. When first learning about JAFRA my thoughts were another company that was would not deliver their claims. Boy, saying that was an understatement.

The skin care seal of approval from the National Skin Cancer Society and recognition from the American Heart Association are on the JAFRA product line. Amazing! They care about the family like no other and have a line for all. There is nothing like Royal Jelly Advanced Milk Balm, it is wonderful. It transforms the texture and moisture in my skin. JAFRA products are made with nature in mind. JAFRA never tests on animals and do not contain animal by-products.

All products are held to rigorous standards and are made with cutting edge technologies to produce micronized pigments and jet-milled powders. The results give you smooth, long-lasting coverage and means that a very tiny amount goes a longway. The more you apply the deeper and richer the colors become. Meaning that your dollars will last longer when your products last.

The JAFRA product line actually does what they claim, guaranteed! JAFRA Pro can not be outdone. Contact me to learn more!