Jagadish Jee

Being reborn (as I am an old soul from my previous births) into a traditional Hindu (Vaishnav- Baishya) family in a remote village of Dhenkanal (Odisha) near the famous pilgrimage of Mahima Alekha (Joranda) , was brought up in the ambiance of high moral and cultural value. My Pre-Primary schooling (home) was completed in the suburbs of West Bengal, the auspicious land of the greatest worshiper of Goddess Durga, Shri Ramakrishna Paramhans, followed through with the great epics The Ramayana & The Mahabharata (popular TV serials at that time). As I grew up through my adolescence , I was influenced by the then spiritual orientations (Gayatri Sadhna etc.) adopted by my parents. I was still mused and confusions grew within me until one day when I was bestowed upon with the blessings of Panchasakha Lineage through my Isthadev Jagatguru Shri Abhiram Paramhans (Deeksha by late Acharya Arjun Das Babaji & Acharya Sesanana Das Babaji of Shanti Anandashram, Karamala, Puri & Tapoban Ashram, Khandagiri, BBSR). I found certain answers and eased to next level by practising Ekakhyara Sahaj Sutra and Guru Gayatri. My life evolved slowly hereafter while I finished my Medical Education. In spite of being trained in and practicing modern medical science for more than 15 years I always had queer inclination towards our indigenous culture and tradition enriching us till date. In between I faced many confusions and kept searching not knowing where to find the keys until one day my fortune struck, when I met with the penultimate knot of the 6000 years old ongoing Lineage of Living Master -Disciple Tradition , my living Master , Guruji Shri Prakash Jee (a rare master being trained from five different lineages). Practicing the principles for a quite reasonable period of time I revealed several truths (regarding life & beyond) untold by the present day scriptures and I evolved many levels forward through this amazing time specific result specific mathematical pathway. While many of my previous confusions slowly dissolved, many new grew within me propelling me to evolve to a higher level. I am now in search of… Who I am, What for I am Here… & What Hereafter……..